Bye Boston, Hello Toronto

I spent my last evening in Boston, hiding from the horrible rain writing the long overdue blog on what I had been up to for the past few days and the stalker-encounters. Well I absolutely tempted fate by saying the weirdos come in threes. Emily and I had made dinner plans with Aisyah, and of […]

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HI Boston

The bus ride to Boston was long, and I felt sick the entire way. Not helped with the fact I was messaging anyone and everyone to cure my boredom, and that I was really tired and grumpy. Even eating didn’t help (and I ate so much)! The road was so bumpy; the vibrations echoed throughout […]

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I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far: Expensive food, rain and Aladdin

I’m currently finishing this blog off while on a Megabus to Boston. I’ve loved my time in NYC, but I’ve been suffering from exhaustion so badly, it’s really bit a downer on me. So apologies in advance, this won’t be as entertaining as my usual posts. Nonsense, it will be spectacular as always 😉✌🏽 I […]

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Welcome to the Big Apple

After a restless night sleep due to waking up with the noise of the fan, snoring, people pottering about, as well as my foot pain, I was happy to leave the hostel life and head to our AirBnB in New York. The hostel is comfortable, just the atmosphere isn’t quite SE Asia level. A lot […]

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Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

You thought this blog post would be called, “West Philadelphia born and raised,” didn’t you? Well yes that was the original plan, but the saying,” Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” from the Declaration of Independence captured my attention. And American history is what today has mostly been about. Enjoyable it has been too. […]

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The Wheels on the Bike/Bus Go Round and Round

The plan was to kick start our last morning in Washington bright and early. And this did not happen in the slightest. Mainly my fault for spending an extra hour in bed, with ice on my sore foot while writing my last blog. The hotel was epic, to be fair. It was so central, and […]

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A Day of Museums and Memorials

We’re really lucky (along with the fact I wanted a night flight for this very reason) we aren’t jet lagged. But despite being in another country, I still have issues unwinding and getting to sleep. That’s where I-dread-to-think-what’s-in-them ‘American’ sleeping tablets come in. Two of those, and I was out within 10 minutes. Completely out. […]

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