Prague to Munich – a sunset drive through Germany

I hate coach journeys, and I try to avoid where possible in the UK. Yet here I am currently on my third coach journey of this trip, heading from Prague to Munich, using DB Bahn. I’m also on my own too as Steven and Vivian arrive in Munich tomorrow, and Emily is currently on a […]

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Prague, Czech Republic

As I mentioned in my previous post, we were late arriving in to Prague. That combined with my chest issues, I felt pretty tired and didn’t want to do much. However, not wanting to be boring and anti-social, Emily and I headed out to meet up with Vivian who we met in Vienna and her […]

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Vienna to Prague: A trip through the countryside

Today Emily, Steven and I took a coach from Vienna to Prague, using a company called Flix. A four hour journey and costing €17.50 each, it was an absolute bargain compared to the €66 a train ticket cost. It was a double-decker coach too! However we were delayed and it took almost six hours rather […]

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Bratislava: where alcohol is cheaper than water

First off I have to say how chuffed I am that I came to Bratislava. Not the usual stop-off point, this city is so quaint and I’m glad I made the effort to pass through. Arriving at my hostel, I immediately (literally before I even put my bag down) befriended two guys in my dorm, […]

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Budapest to Bratislava

After a very chilled night getting to know fellow travellers in my dorm room, I woke up/dragged myself out of bed at 9am to get the train to Bratislava. I walked half a mile to the metro station, which had a direct line to the train station so only took a few minutes once I […]

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Budapest Calling!

I am currently sat on a plane at Heathrow airport waiting for my flight to finish boarding, to start my mini European adventure. I say mini, but in fact I am visiting six countries! And the first stop is Budapest, Hungary. I haven’t been to eastern Europe before, and I am excited for the food […]

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