Princess Ayla Onboard – LHR to Washington, DC

I’ve been a bit too mentally exhausted for my liking recently, which has made it difficult for me to get excited about my trip to America. Feeling deflated has been the last thing I needed. So coming home from work on Thursday, dragging my heels to do the finishing touches before my flight; well let’s just say I should’ve been a bit more jumping for joy.

I go to check in, and notice that my seat is in row 18, with an arrow facing forwards. A bit strange. I then notice it has Club World on the boarding pass. My jaw dropped. I had been upgraded from Economy, to…




What does this even mean?! I’d never been upgraded in my life. So I spent the Thursday evening discovering what it entailed. Free champagne and Cadburys chocolate, basically. Endless food and drink.

Flying in Business Class, especially long haul, has been a life-long dream of mine. I just didn’t want to shell out the couple of grand for the privilege.

The bad thing was though, my friend who was flying with me, didn’t get upgraded to Business Class. Sort of LOL/awk mixed with oh no!! Bless Emily. She did get upgraded to Premium Economy which is something.

So naturally being such an excitable time, I documented the whole experience.

I’d never ventured down to section H Club Word of the check-in desks before. Foliage welcomed me.

And then the fast track security was a bit special. It took a minute to go through.

Emily had gone through the riff raff security, so I headed off to the South Gallery lounge where I poured myself a rather large whisky and befriended a delightful chap who came to sit next to me. Sharing a love of Italy, we talked about cities we had been to and the perks of flying Business. He was more excited for me than I was! He also gave me some sound advice – take anything that isn’t glued down. So I took some cans of Diet Coke and a few bags of crisps for Emily, and a giant bottle of water for me.

Upon boarding the plane, I snuggled down under a blanket, sipping champagne. That, along with the whisky, and the vodka sampler I had, got me a bit wasted. The type of wasted I get when I mix my drinks. Knowing where this could end, I stuck to water for most of the flight. I was offered a drink at least every 20 minutes for the first three hours! This could’ve been dire.

Lots of blankets and pillows, I stretched out and relaxed.

My food consisted of:

Smoked chicken and roasted garlic terrine with piccalilli, quail egg and avocado purée. Served with bread rolls (I chose garlic bread – not the hot, pizza kind – and cheese bread).

Chilled main course salad of seared sea trout with brown rice, quinoa, apple, fennel and a pickled apple and rosemary dressing.

Dorset Coastal Cheddar (it was mature and bloody tasty) and Somerset Camembert cheese served with spiced mulled apple jelly and biscuits.

And of course a lovely cuppa with some Hotel Chocolat chocolates. I had a napkin, metal cutlery and drank out of a glass!

Rhona the cabin crew from Weymouth was trying to get me drunk at every opportunity. I had eaten so much food, the thought of alcohol was just too much! But she gave it to me anyway. She also made a cracking cup of tea. I went to the “Business Bar”, drank tea, ate chocolate and popcorn while we chatted away.

Despite being in the aisle, I had the window seat to myself too – was a good dumping ground for all my bits and bobs. There is actually little space to store things next to you, unless it’s on the floor under the bed.

I peeked out the window – we were flying so high, the white blankets of clouds hid the Canadian landscape below.

I’m a walking Elemis model too, the smell is oozing off me. Well that’s what happens when one washes their hands in Business!

An hour left, we (Rhona – the best cabin crew ever – and I) went to wake Emily up so she could come sit next to me for the remainder of our flight. To celebrate, Rhona brought us some bucks fizz, despite me already having a glass! Talk about double parking.

As the cloud cover broke, I discovered we were flying over NYC. The skyscrapers and Central Park were unmistakable from above. It renewed my love of the city; to be fair the love hadn’t dwindled too much over the past 12 years.

I had to down my drink, time to land and kick off our USA adventure! 

What a glorious treat.


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