Santiago and Camagüey

We arrived back in Santiago de Cuba early afternoon giving me enough time to finish my Baracoa blog and have a refresh. Santiago is the sort of place that you’re bound to find someone you know… not long after walking up to the WiFi stop, did I see Stuart. We went to a nice cafe […]

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After arriving in Baracoa, we stopped at an old fortress-turned-restaurant for some soup and a sandwich. Anne and I were reunited, and we settled into our room sipping on some cold cans of fizzy. Our room was sweet, but the shower situation was non existent. The water was merely a trickle, and after mentioning it […]

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Santiago de Cuba

On the way back to our Casa in Havana, we stopped by a restaurant and ordered some lunch and a mojito. The staff couldn’t believe we wanted to eat lunch so early, but we had a flight to catch and needed to fill our bellies. I ordered something which I had no clue what it […]

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After a smooth journey to Gatwick, I boarded the plane and ended up sitting within a group of 15 friends on their way to Cuba. A bit loud at first, everyone soon settled and I talked to the chap next to me, 18 year old George. He let me use his USB slot to charge […]

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