Koh Phi Phi to Phuket

It’s been a little while since I last posted! I’ve been very busy doing not very much 🙂 At the moment I’m sat in Melbourne airport waiting for my flight to Sydney, so have some time to write about my last week in Asia, which was spent on the island of Phi Phi and also […]

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Chiang Mai to Phuket by bus

I’ve left Chiang Mai and am now in Phuket, in a McDonalds near my hotel. It’s food that isn’t rice and there is free wifi (my hotel’s wifi wasn’t the best). In about 45 minutes, I’m getting picked up from my hotel to get the 1:30pm ferry to Phi Phi, where I’ll sunbathe and party […]

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Chiang Mai Elephants

I spent my second day in Chiang Mai at the Elephant Nature Park; the most expensive purchase of my Asia trip, I wanted to do something with my time out here that is truly memorable. I had a bit of a fail with my GoPro, so I don’t have any footage to add to my […]

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Chiang Mai – Cooking School & Temples

Annoyed at queuing for two hours just to get my passport stamped at Chiang Mai airport, as soon as I arrived at my hostel I jumped right in to seeing as much as possible. Wandering around the city, I can see why Chiang Mai is so popular. Temples scattered around on every other street corner, […]

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Leaving Laos and back to Thailand

Today I left Luang Prabang in Laos to head back to Thailand. I’ve loved Laos, but it’s also thrown me some new life experiences I wasn’t intending on having – ever. I wasn’t sure whether to write about this, but pretending my trip here was plain sailing would be a lie. Life is all about […]

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Oh Vang Vieng, you beauty!

Laos is definitely my favourite country so far on this trip. Winding mountain roads, covered either side with palm trees, rivers and cattle. This experience is what I came travelling for. Driving north to Vang Vieng from Vientiane was quite something. The minibus was comfortable but zooming over pot holes and overtaking on sharp bends […]

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The temples of Vientiane, Laos

This morning I left my comfy dorm bed in Hanoi to arrive in Vientiane, Laos! The capital city, it has a certain undisturbed charm that Hanoi and Phnom Penh clearly have lost over the years. No moped horns beeping, your life isn’t at risk walking across the road, and the air smells so much nicer. […]

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