Washington, DC – Day One

After queuing for about an hour to get my passport stamped, we were on our way in a shuttle bus to the hotel, located in Capitol Hill. An amusing bus ride, we shared some banter with a German family from Hamburg. They got the British sarcastic sense of humour 👌🏽

Our reservation at the hotel was for a room that had two double beds. They didn’t have any rooms so we were upgraded to a bigger room that had a king size bed (and free wifi too!). By the time we got into our room, it was 4am and we just couldn’t wait to sit down.

After five hours sleep, and a quick workout in the hotel gym, it was time to fuel for the day. Coconut milk mocha macchiato please! Only in America. It was delicious, and full of the sweetness I needed after so little sleep. Then we headed up to the Capitol.

Apparently people don’t lurk around here before 10am.

But some weird Brits do.

We headed towards a restaurant called Ted’s Bulletin. I read about it on Buzzfeed, so wanted to give it a try. The food was delicious, but I did think it was a bit overpriced for what it was with the exchange rate. The breakfast pictured below, consisted of sour dough toast, two eggs (cooked to perfection), a hash brown the size of the plate, and a home made brown sugar cinnamon pop tart. It came to $17 so plus tip, basically $20.

While we were waiting for our table, we sat outside with some shakes (I had peanut butter and jelly – it was deliciously thick), Emily and I had a moment where we overheard something, and glared at each other wide eyed. A culture clash of some sort. A father, perhaps in his mid-late 30s was holding his little girl and said, “oh there’s Daddy’s knife.” As you do.

Lincoln Park was just round the corner (well about 8 blocks but that was okay), so we headed that way to burn off some of the massive breakfast. On the way we strolled through a residential area of the city. Three-storey town houses, all different colours, with the cutest front gardens consisting of blossoms and blooms, and rocking chairs on the porch. We also saw squirrels the size of chihuahuas chasing each other round a tree. Was impressive. All the front gardens had quotes from Martin Luther King on placards. Some houses had book honesty boxes. It was just a lovely neighbourhood.

At Lincoln Park, other than the thought-provoking emanicaption memorial (pictured below), there were Easter celebrations going on. We petted chicks, bunnies and goats. Was very cute!

On our way back from Lincoln Park, the clouds cleared and the sun finally came out. Below is one of the Library of Congress buildings.

And we also stumbled across a march supporting deaf children.

And then another about President Trump and his taxes.

We wandered down to the waterfront (I say wandered, it was about a 30 minute walk), and went to the National Cherry Blossom Festival. There were actually very few cherry blossoms around; it was a festival to mark the relationship between America and Japan. So instead, there were lots of family activities and a firework display for later that evening. I bought a really cute lilac t-shirt that had blossoms on it. Like oh my god it’s so me.

I really wanted to see the Pentagon and so we got the yellow line on the Metro across the water. The Metro system is terrible compared to our Tube. They come every 10 minutes, so when when you’re swapping to a different line, you had to wait another 10 minutes for one to come.

The Pentagon was huge, and we went to the memorial alongside it, for those who died in 9/11.

Arlington Cemetery (it’s very famous) is right next door, so we figured a short walk up to the gate would gain us entry. Nope.

The entrance by the Pentagon is only for people with cars. We did see some of the perfectly lined rows of gravestone, which felt surreal (exactly like the movies!), but it was JFK’s resting place and the other large memorials we wanted to see. Apparently visitors can gain access by the Arlington Metro station, but by this point I felt next level grandma. My hips and legs were aching so much. I just needed a sit down and a cup of tea. No where has tea, so I made do with a sit down wherever seemed reasonable.

A little bit later, we went back to the waterfront to watch the festival fireworks. Upon coming up the escalator, we discovered a supermarket that sold fruit. FRUIT! Oh my days. We were so excited. It’s the first time we’ve seen any fruit since we arrived. I bought some fruit infused water, a blueberry and strawberry yoghurt and two bananas.

The fireworks were quite impressive.

There is a Titanic memorial nearby, so we went to go see that. On the anniversary too. Basically looked like the Kate and Leo pose.

The wander back to the hotel was lovely.

Total walked: 13.4 miles / 32,397 steps. Yup my joints are sore 😩


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