Cienfuegos and Santa Clara

After waking up feeling a bit tender, we had to get up to head to our next destination, Santa Clara via Cienfuegos. Anne was absolutely dying and couldn’t touch her breakfast. I was starving and wolfed mine down, and enjoyed two cups of tea whilst she went to use the WiFi. I also made two […]

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Trinidad – the Cuban one!

*Something else I forgot from Baracoa… While we were rowing along, I looked down and noticed the tower had six toes on each foot. It looked so normal and equally proportioned out. He also had six fingers on each hand too. He later told us about it, that a little island we towed past was […]

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Santiago and Camagüey

We arrived back in Santiago de Cuba early afternoon giving me enough time to finish my Baracoa blog and have a refresh. Santiago is the sort of place that you’re bound to find someone you know… not long after walking up to the WiFi stop, did I see Stuart. We went to a nice cafe […]

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After arriving in Baracoa, we stopped at an old fortress-turned-restaurant for some soup and a sandwich. Anne and I were reunited, and we settled into our room sipping on some cold cans of fizzy. Our room was sweet, but the shower situation was non existent. The water was merely a trickle, and after mentioning it […]

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Santiago de Cuba

On the way back to our Casa in Havana, we stopped by a restaurant and ordered some lunch and a mojito. The staff couldn’t believe we wanted to eat lunch so early, but we had a flight to catch and needed to fill our bellies. I ordered something which I had no clue what it […]

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After a smooth journey to Gatwick, I boarded the plane and ended up sitting within a group of 15 friends on their way to Cuba. A bit loud at first, everyone soon settled and I talked to the chap next to me, 18 year old George. He let me use his USB slot to charge […]

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