Bye Boston, Hello Toronto

I spent my last evening in Boston, hiding from the horrible rain writing the long overdue blog on what I had been up to for the past few days and the stalker-encounters. Well I absolutely tempted fate by saying the weirdos come in threes.

Emily and I had made dinner plans with Aisyah, and of course to meet in the hostel lobby. We were downstairs talking about how awful the rain had been, and a guy comes up to me, says, “Hello” and holds out his hand to shake mine. I was mad as hell. No-one interrupts a conversation between me and my friend, mid-sentence. I said, “Don’t be so rude I am having a conversation here” in my absolutely who do you think you are?tone of voice. I just lost all patience by this point. And pre-dinner too. My thoughts were of food.

He then said, “But I’m trying to have a conversation with you,” still holding out his hand. Or words to that effect. Oh. My. Days. What a way to make me mad. I replied with “no, thanks anyway” in a loud, firm voice ending with a sarcastic add-on. And carried on talking to my friends. Something else was said, and I can’t remember what.

We walked out. The hostel staff said something to him and then he left. No clue if he is staying there or is local. But it was beyond bizarre, and all happened so quickly. I am so English, and manners are imperative. I just couldn’t believe someone thought so highly of themselves, they would interrupt a conversation. Ugh. Annoyed me so much.

Then later on a guy who worked in CVS was a bit too helpful. I thought perhaps he was bored and just nice, but he didn’t try to pack Emily’s bags for her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I looked so tired, bloated and gross, and wasn’t wearing any makeup, I don’t know how any part of me was remotely attractive. Jokes. It was a funny, albeit strange, day.

So moving on from random guys who potentially fancy me, we went out for dinner to eat Chinese dumplings. I had chicken and cabbage, lightly fried. They were $7.20 plus tax, so definitely a bargain compared to how much I’ve been paying for meals. They were delicious too.

Bless Aisyah. She told us while we were eating that she had just been out for dinner with some Indonesian people she randomly met. When I invited her out for dinner she wanted to come with us! Just adorable. I know Aisyah will be reading this too – I hope we stay in touch and maybe meet up in Bali sometime πŸ˜‰ or when she comes to England.

So all in all, the last night in America was a bit of washout… geddit?! It was nice to chill, and what else could we do with such bad weather?! Upon lying in bed being the last person awake, a guy in my dorm came back said I should’ve gone to the comedy night with him. I didn’t even think to check what was happening in the hostel that night – doh!

In my previous post, I also forgot to include a few more nuggets of info. The first one, is a photo of a collection of ducklings statue, which totally related to the ducklings I had seen some five minutes before! The statues look adorable with their Easter bonnets.

The bronze statues are based on a children’s book from 1941, about a pair of mallards who decide to set up their family base in the Boston Public Garden pond, but after suffering a near death experience, they then choose a different location, this time an island on the Charles River. For some strange reason, the mum and dad ducks part ways and decide to meet up in a week’s time, in the Public Garden. Basically, the roads were hazardous for the mummy duck, who since had eight ducklings and it would’ve been dangerous for them to go meet their dad. So a police officer closed the roads for them to cross. And then they decided to live happily ever after in the Public Garden, after all that. Talk about making your mind up. And why did the dad leave his wife duck and EIGHT ducklings in the first place. Daddy duck got responsibilities.

Anyway. The statues were very cute, and even I could admit that the toddlers climbing all over them looked adorable. And the fact I saw a mummy duck with her ducklings in the very pond mentioned. Was meant to be.

I also forgot to mention another fact about Beacon Hill, the residential area with all the nice houses. The street lamps, as pictured below, are always on. Can you guess why?

It’s because they are powered by gas! They can’t be turned off, so run 24/7.

Going back to my rainy last night in Boston, I invested in some new ear plugs and slept much better – although I woke up in an anxious sweat at 5am! Unable to get back to sleep until 7am, I woke up again at 9:50 with a few minutes to say goodbye to Emily and rush down to breakfast. Wearing my Batman shorts, and a baggy black t-shirt, a guy tried hitting on me and I was waaaay to slow to reply, having been awake for a few minutes! Getting used to this American guy malarkey. Not only am I living in the wrong city, clearly the wrong country! I am the most unfanciable person in Southampton πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

After two very delicious cinnamon bagels, topped with peanut butter and grape jelly, I packed my things and went out with that guy from my dorm, Varun. We got an Uber to a place near Broadway subway called Copperfield. It looked super cool, with hanging fairy lights in the courtyard. But it was closed!! There was a private function going on that day. Luckily there was a place nearby that seemed very family run and ideal to hang out for a bit. Having already eaten breakfast, I had an ice tea, which was actually delicious. And free refills!

Varun told me that the Silver Line bus shuttle to the airport was via the subway, on electricity. That there was supposed to be a subway line, but they ran out of money so it was made into underground tunnels. It was certainly true for the start of it..!

After five minutes we came out of the underground system to the light of day. The bus stopped with an announcement stating that the bus needed to stop for a few minutes while it converts to diesel for the rest of the journey. Drove a few blocks, then  we took an underground tunnel to the airport. I was really impressed; the journey took 20 minutes and cost $2.75 from the Broadway subway station by the restaurant. I didn’t even need to pay to change from the subway to the bus at South Station. Plus the buses depart every 8 minutes. Public transport that actually works. Woah.

The route to the airport was the Silver Line 1 from South Station, so I can image the other lines are more underground than my journey had been.

Arriving at the airport two hours before my flight was due to depart, the check-in desk was empty. Nice. No queue (or line as they call it this side of the pond). There wasn’t a queue for passport control too, and the guy seemed super excited for me that it was my first time to Canada. No queue for security too, but of course, I got randomly spot checked, which happens every time I go through an American airport. No-one else had been before me on this particular occasion, so I couldn’t help but feel that it was personal.

Boston airport was beautiful and sleek. They had fresh flowers in every bathroom, by the sinks, and clean toilets too!

The gate seats were comfy and spacious, with USB charger points at every single seat.

This is how airports should be! Definitely the nicest terminal I have been through.

The departure board listed cities alphabetically too, rather than the departure times. Made me laugh. Kinda makes sense, kinda confusing.

My final view of Boston was rainy and drizzly; I could just make out the city in the distance. Boston is on my list of cities to revisit, hopefully when the weather is more suitable for tourists and explorers.

Once we took off and started flying over upstate New York, the clouds parted leaving a beautiful scene below. And the Canadian coast line looked amazing!

I didn’t realise when I booked my flight that there are two airports in Toronto, and I booked to land in the most inconvenient one for Amy. Inconvenient for her, but amazing for me!

The airport is on an island, so coming in to land we flew so close to the sea; I enjoyed seeing the waves crash into each other, and the seagulls enjoying the ride of the waves. I saw a V of birds, flying low to the water, but were too far away for me to make out what they actually were.

The view once we did land was pretty spectacular too. Unparalleled.

I had to walk in a tunnel off the island, for a free bus to Union Station where I waited for Amy to come pick me up!

Reunited with school bestie. We needed Claire, then the Powerpuff Girls trio would’ve been complete.

Going out to pick up something for dinner, we stopped by Bulk Barn, a shop that has everything you’d ever possibly need for baking and general snacking.

Need rainbow coloured sprinkles and sugars? Sure, no problem.

I came away with a few items. Basically involves peanut butter and chocolate.

I also had my first Chipotle! We had to mark the occasion.

It was the healthiest meal I’ve had in the past two weeks! Brown rice topped with chocolate, medium spiced relish, sweetcorn, grated cheddar cheese, guacamole and lettuce.

Which I have ruined by eating toffee popcorn covered in peanut butter and chocolate for breakfast!

I’m writing this, having a very chilled morning in Toronto. I’m off out to explore later on today… so my next post may be actually more interesting and not random babbling 🀣


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