Welcome to the Big Apple

After a restless night sleep due to waking up with the noise of the fan, snoring, people pottering about, as well as my foot pain, I was happy to leave the hostel life and head to our AirBnB in New York. The hostel is comfortable, just the atmosphere isn’t quite SE Asia level. A lot […]

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A Day of Museums and Memorials

We’re really lucky (along with the fact I wanted a night flight for this very reason) we aren’t jet lagged. But despite being in another country, I still have issues unwinding and getting to sleep. That’s where I-dread-to-think-what’s-in-them ‘American’ sleeping tablets come in. Two of those, and I was out within 10 minutes. Completely out. […]

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Washington, DC – Day One

After queuing for about an hour to get my passport stamped, we were on our way in a shuttle bus to the hotel, located in Capitol Hill. An amusing bus ride, we shared some banter with a German family from Hamburg. They got the British sarcastic sense of humour 👌🏽 Our reservation at the hotel […]

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My Icelandic Birthday

How ruddy excited I was; sat on a plane with Mum, having bumped into a friend from uni, full of anticipation for the weekend ahead. The celebrations started in style, boozing it up on the plane to Reykjavik. Discovering a love for blueberry liquor topped with Prosecco, I had two of these delightful cocktails along […]

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