Munich, Bavaria

I’ve had a fun few days in Germany; visiting a part of the country I haven’t been to before, I was coming to Munich to experience some of Bavaria’s finest cuisine and catch up with old friends.

After an early night and a very lazy lie in, I met up with my friend Hasi, who I originally met in Laos. It was SO lovely to see her, and we spent a few hours wandering around the city.

First off we went to St. Peter’s Church, where I paid €3 to go up the tower (306 steps). It was a glorious, sunny day and was totally worth the sweaty climb to the top.

It really wasn’t that windy, but whenever I tried to take a photo of us, a gust took us by surprise. You can see how hot and sweaty I am from my hair!

We wandered to the famous Hofbrauhaus, and I posed for a photo outside. We didn’t sit down inside, mainly because it was absolutely packed. I was shocked to see how big it was too, and can imagine how heaving it will be when Oktoberfest starts.

And then we went to Englischer Garten (English Garden for those who couldn’t guess), where we ate frozen yoghurt and watched people float by in the river or take a paddle. It was a relaxing afternoon.

After a quick shower and refresh, I went to meet Emre, my dad’s friend’s son, who thoroughly looked after me during my time in Munich!

We went to dinner to a famous Bavarian beer house, Augustiner, where I ordered a sausage platter. Avoiding the innuendos here, sausages aren’t really my thing, but these were so tender and tasty. Served with mashed potato and sauerkraut. Yum yum!

The next day, and after another lazy lie in, I met Emre in the city centre where we walked all around the area. And by all around, I walked over 15 miles!

I saw the Sendlinger Tor gate, a structure over some 600 years old.

And other pretty churches while we wandered around.

For lunch we popped to the Viktualienmarkt, a famous food market in the city. Emre advised on a particular seafood stand, so that’s where we went. I can’t turn down good quality seafood. A crab filled roll with lettuce and some mayonnaise. The roll was a little too hard for my liking, but that’s traditional Bavarian bread for you! A little squeeze and I could just about eat it without dislocating my jaw.

As we continued our walk of the city, we wandered past a synagogue and a Jewish museum, both with very edgey designs.

Went back to Englischer Garten to watch locals practice their surfing skills on a rapid part of the river, a tradition since the 1970s! This stretch of the river, and the one where people were swimming in, is known was the Eisbach; a man-made 2km stretch of water. I think it joins the Isar river, not entirely sure.

And saw a Michael Jackson memorial, which was incredibly random.

I saw what I wanted to be when I grow up, a fashionista wearing a traditional Oktoberfest dress with a dachshund in hand.

In the afternoon, we headed on the U-Bahn to Olympiazentrum, aka the stop for the Olympic Park. Arriving, I could see this area had been developed in the 70s, as the classic retro orange decorates the station.

The entrance to the stadium area was edgy in design to say the least.

The park itself was huge, green and very lovely. Emre lives here, and methinks he is very fortunate to do so..!

Everything BMW was there too, a museum and their headquarters.

We went back in to the city centre for dinner, and went for an amazing pizza. Not only was it tasty, it was about four times the size of my face!

And at €10 a pop, can’t complain.

I spent the evening hanging out with some of the guys from my dorm-room. A six bed dorm, the other five have been blokes. I got on well with four of them, the other one was some elusive character who slept the entire time and checked out before I woke up (and either stole my towel or accidentally handed it in to the laundry pile, grrr nonetheless!).

All the sleeping I’ve been doing has done me the world of good, and not being around so many smokers has definitely helped! My cough and cold has almost gone, which is perfect timing as tonight I will be taking a night bus to Paris, for my last city stop before flying home on Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Munich, Bavaria

  1. Mmm that roll looked realy yummy Ayla ,all the food has sounded very good well it seems again you have had a fantastic time on your travel bug lol bet you have already planned your nxt one 🤗 Don’t forget to try the escargot ,cooked in garlic butter and brandy ,,,and a chunk of crusty bread .oh dear now I’m feeling hungry could murder a dish of them now ,,,have a lovely time in Paris ,take care ,,,,,,,
    Will call you wedensday evening big hug nan xxxxxx 😘


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