Prague to Munich – a sunset drive through Germany

I hate coach journeys, and I try to avoid where possible in the UK. Yet here I am currently on my third coach journey of this trip, heading from Prague to Munich, using DB Bahn. I’m also on my own too as Steven and Vivian arrive in Munich tomorrow, and Emily is currently on a plane back home.

However, this journey has been incredibly comfortable, and pleasant. For me travelling from place to place just isn’t about the cities I stay in, but what I see in between. It’s all about the experience. And price. At 14 Euros, this ticket is an absolute bargain!

This coach wasn’t late setting off unlike my last one from Vienna to Prague! It’s half empty, so I got two seats to myself.

But the leg room is very spacious too. My seat even slides out sideways in to the middle, so I have even more room.

Departing at 5:15pm, and actually departing at 5:15pm on the dot, I got to see some sunny Czech countryside.

As well as seeing the sunset in Czech…

…and in Germany.

The journey has taken us through long tunnels, past villages where the houses have perfect rooftops and white churches as well as flowing rivers surrounded by forests.

We drove past one town, Ausfahrt I think it was (okay I have since been told by mum this means motorway exit, so I have no clue what the place was called!), where the skyline was dominated not only by a church, but a giant Ferris wheel too!

But most importantly, because I am not afraid to admit I need technology in my life, this coach has excellent wifi with an array of movies and TV shows. The time has flown by, as I’ve chatted to friends on Whatsapp and watched the movie Rio, whilst munching on snacks. 

At present it’s about 9:30pm; due to arrive in Munich in the next 30 minutes.

I leave Munich on Sunday, where I will be getting a night bus to Paris, before flying home. A night bus!

I am feeling much better too. Staying out of the sun, eating lots of snacks, and generally being in an environment that is climate controlled has done wonders for my cough. Let’s hope it remains that way!


3 thoughts on “Prague to Munich – a sunset drive through Germany

  1. Mmmmm Paris ,don’t forget to take a picture from the top of the tower 🙆
    You must have snails Ayla there lovely ( unless you already have ) ,butter garlic and brandy me I can smell them ,xxxx


      1. A side-way sliding seat sounds FUN!!!! I mean if I ever get to travel and get a seat as such… I know I’m gonna have a goooood time … Glad it was a comfortable journey. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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