Prague, Czech Republic

As I mentioned in my previous post, we were late arriving in to Prague. That combined with my chest issues, I felt pretty tired and didn’t want to do much.

However, not wanting to be boring and anti-social, Emily and I headed out to meet up with Vivian who we met in Vienna and her housemates. They are on a student exchange program allowing them to live and work part time in the city.

We went to a bar with views over the city, and I ordered a vodka lemonade, which definitely wasn’t a vodka lemonade. I’m guessing an apple cider! It was sweet and tasty, so I didn’t mind too much.

The views were very pretty, and it was a nice way to see Prague for my first time. But being out in the draft and cold, when I already felt a bit poorly. Well it definitely hasn’t done my chest any good. And one of the housemates kept smoking around me, despite me asking him not too. Everyone smokes here! Ugh!

Emily and I left everyone early (was still 12:30am) and headed to the Old Town part of the city; a slight detour from the direct route back to the hostel, we wanted to actually wander around the city rather than take it in from a big hill.

We found a gingerbread shop, that was still open! The owners were busy baking, and I thought that if any gingerbread was worth trying, this would be it.

Upon exploring our hostel building itself, we found the underground kitchen cave!

It was so musky and damp down there though, I tried to avoid staying in the common room area. 

Our first morning, and having a little lie in, we walked up another big-ass hill to where Prague Castle stands proud. Yet once we got to the top, we discovered a really long queue that I wasn’t prepared to wait in.

So we decided as we had already walked up the hill, keep on going even further to Petrín Hill. And as we were walking up, we caught the changing of the guard!

On we went, to the Petrín Observation Tower (Petrínská Rozhledna). An Eiffel Tower looking building, we climbed the 300 steps to the top! The views were amazing, and at the very top, the tower was quite wobbly. My legs did feel a bit like jelly once we got to the bottom.

Then we went in to a mirror maze, locally known as Zrcadlové Bludište na Petríne.

And stopped off for some beef goulash soup..

Walking through the city, I took a photo of Charles Bridge in the daylight.

Then after all that walking, we got ourselves dolled up for a dinner out just the two of us. Romantic.

I used to hate sparkling wine, but I love the Czech stuff. I have even bought myself some to take home. It came in various different sizes, but only having a backpack, I opted for a medium and a small bottle. Totalling about £4.50 for the two.

The next day we were up early to watch the sunrise over Charles Bridge. And by early, I’m talking 5am early.

Our hostel is only a few minutes walk away from the bridge, thank goodness!

After getting some more kip for a few hours, we attempted the castle, again. A decent-sized queue, we went in to the castle second time lucky.

The stained glass windows were my favourite part of castle grounds, located in the cathedral.

The castle grounds had windy lanes, each building telling a story of who used to live there.

Castle gardens had pretty views too.

The castle itself, meh. 

Coming back down to ground level, we went out for cocktails.

Mine was called ‘Be Prepared’, made from gin, lychee liqueur, hibiscus, raspberry puree and lemon juice. It was delicious!

Followed by more alcohol with dinner; we went to a traditional Czech restaurant where I felt compelled to try their home-made ginger beer.

Along with a potato pancake filled with ham and sauerkraut. The ham was smokey and very tasty.

And today, my last day in Prague, I woke up feeling like **** basically. My throat is sore from coughing, my chest hurts, I am sniffling/blowing my nose constantly, and I feel so tired. If I was at home, today would be a duvet day watching Netflix. But instead I am trying to be a brave little solider and battle on through. Well, caramel sweet bread helps.

And one last picture, of the John Lennon wall…

Open your heart and embrace life!

I am currently chilling at my hostel before getting the 5:15pm bus to Munich. I won’t get there until late, but I am really looking forward to the lie in I will have tomorrow morning, and the friends I will be meeting up with there! And hopefully my dorm bed isn’t the humidity trap like it has been here. Country number five here I come!


One thought on “Prague, Czech Republic

  1. Hey Ayla!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had a great time with food and drinks 🙂 .. it was sad you weren’t feeling that well.. courtesy smoking public… but glad you were able to see the castle….. and its an amazing scenic view at the hill top… xx

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