Vienna to Prague: A trip through the countryside

Today Emily, Steven and I took a coach from Vienna to Prague, using a company called Flix. A four hour journey and costing €17.50 each, it was an absolute bargain compared to the €66 a train ticket cost. It was a double-decker coach too! However we were delayed and it took almost six hours rather than the planned four.

The journey through the countryside and small towns along the way were incredibly picturesque, such as Grund and Guntersdort in northern Austria.

We saw fields of pumpkins..!

And random pretty buildings, such as this church (I think).

I’ve also been teaching Steven “proper” English (he is American) and also the difference between peace and up yours. Also, he now knows what a cheeky Nandos is.

We passed Excalibur City, some weird shopping centre, theme park and casino, which was in the middle of nowhere!

And also some painted haystacks.

While we were sat in roadworks, in the middle of nowhere, I took this photo of a decrepid house.

The Czech countryside wasn’t as pretty. Well that’s an unfair statement. It didn’t have so many wow moments as Austria did. Lots of farming meant it didn’t look too different to fields I see back at home; now and then we drove past lakes and saw a quick glimpse of a forest resembling a scene from Twilight, but we sped fast so quickly I didn’t have chance to take a photo. Or it was blurry, like this one:

Arriving in Prague, we ventured to the metro. The area looked very sketchy, and definitely not as attractive as the city we left behind six hours before. However coming back up above ground in the city centre, it’s just as we had hoped.

Also I got offered a seat on the metro – some kind gentlemen could see I had some 16kg on my back! Well, this is how I looked:

I said I feel like a pregnant ninja turtle. Donatello, of course.


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