Bratislava: where alcohol is cheaper than water

First off I have to say how chuffed I am that I came to Bratislava. Not the usual stop-off point, this city is so quaint and I’m glad I made the effort to pass through.

Arriving at my hostel, I immediately (literally before I even put my bag down) befriended two guys in my dorm, James and Liam. They didn’t have much choice to be fair, and I tagged along with them on a city walking tour.

This is our guide, Xenia, next to a statue of Hans Christian Anderson, who was inspired by the city.

We passed lots of towers and fountains…

As well as a statue coming out from the ground… (Apparently he has had his head smashed off a few times)

We saw the castle views from below:

And also a blue church!

Upon arriving back to the hostel, I had a Slovak sausage for dinner. It was gross. But the beer was cheap, at €1.50. And tasty too! Basically alcoholic lemonade. My BBQ hostel dinner was €2.

On the way to a local bar, the three of us befriended four Glaswegians and a few others staying in our hostel. This isn’t all of us, but I tried my best for a lift selfie.

I do rather love the fact that I went out with nine guys that night. Typical!

From the outside, you wouldn’t know this bar exists. Very swanky, the view of the castle lit up at night was lovely! Shame about the picture quality though 😦

The next day James, Liam and I headed out for breakfast, and enjoyed people watching from a very touristy courtyard.

After my morning cuppa, we headed up to the castle. Although a warm day, thank goodness for the slight breeze to cool me down. As always, I got some great shots while I was up there.

Once we got back to ground level, I fancied some traditional Slovak cuisine. We went to a pub called Slovak Pub, recommended by our tour guide the day before.

I ordered a cider €1.90 and potato dumplings €3.80. The dumplings dish is called ‘Bryndzové halušky so slaninou’, and is “potato dumplings with  bryndza (Slovak sheep cheese) and bacon.” It was super tasty, but the cheese was very strong. Not for the faint hearted!

A bottle of cider was cheaper than my meal. But also, if I bought the cider from a supermarket (which I did a few times), it was 50 cents!!! I can’t even get my head around that. Alcohol is cheaper than everything.

After lunch, the boys headed to Vienna and I walked up another great big hill to see the Slavin War Memorial. My bum cheeks were burning once I got to the top (and are still a tad sore), but it was worth the walk. Very quiet and peaceful, there were unmarked graves of Russian soldiers.

My second night in the hostel was much more of a struggle to make friends, but that’s the way hostel life works. Also I realised that not every solo traveller is as extroverted like me either. Some find it difficult to talk in groups and I’m the sort who jumps in all jazz hands.

So back to now.

I’m about to depart to Vienna, and back in Slovak Pub as it’s right next to my tram stop to take me to the train station.

I’m trying another traditional Slovak dish, this time ‘Cesnaková polievka krémová v bochniku posypaná syrom’ aka “Cream garlic soup in a loaf of home-made bread and cheese.” At €3.50 what a bargain.

Two nights here was definitely enough, and like I said, so glad I popped by.


6 thoughts on “Bratislava: where alcohol is cheaper than water

  1. What amazing pic’s esp food Ayla… these are yummy and making me hungry too .. I’m Jealous, in a good way (lol). Glad you had a goooooood time… I can’t imagine myself with 9 guys, being the only girl to be proud of.. proud of you… I’m more of an introvert solo traveler I guess. (:

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