Budapest to Bratislava

After a very chilled night getting to know fellow travellers in my dorm room, I woke up/dragged myself out of bed at 9am to get the train to Bratislava.

I walked half a mile to the metro station, which had a direct line to the train station so only took a few minutes once I was on the train.

I arrived an hour early, which paid off; I was able to get a comfortable seat near-ish the toilets (didn’t want to have to travel too far from my bag). Definitely more spacious than SW Trains.

And away we go! Pretty much everyone around me were backpackers, enjoying the European summer (it absolutely chucked it down last night, for your information). I befriended a couple from Cambridge, who had also been to Sziget, and a German girl who was heading to Prague. Was nice to chat away for a few hours looking at the beautiful countryside, sharing tips and advice.

My ticket cost £14, which is good value for money methinks!

Well, I have to save some money somewhere… Budapest cost me a small fortune. Time to rough it for a while with public transport and cheap dinners I cook for myself at the hostel!

And upon arriving at my hostel, I befriended some guys in my dorm and we hit up a walking tour and got on the beer. The Bratislava blog featuring my escapades will be published tomorrow, I hope!


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