Budapest you beauty!

Day One

I arrived to Budapest feeling excited about the coming days. I jumped in a taxi, and headed in to the inner city to find where the hell Kurt and his friend Jason were staying.

I found the apartment block after a few minutes, but as if I knew the apartment number! I thought there may a sign or a buzzer I could use, but no. Well thank goodness for £2 data use in Europe!

Next step, we started sharing holiday stories and reminiscing about Australia over some drinks.

It was time to head out for dinner, and Kurt snapped this of me doing my makeup…

And then for dinner we went to an Argentine steakhouse my parents have been to, Pampas, where the boys recommended me to try a medium-rare New York strip, which I did!

Travelling is all about trying new things, and ordering this steak was one of those for me. I don’t eat steak. The guys said that this cut wasn’t a proper NY strip, but I managed to eat half of it up until the fatty bit anyway. I tried!

Waiting for a cab, Kurt and I tried to get the perfect photo. The lighting was just dire, but we got something in the end.

Then we hit up some cool, chilled bars. I liked the chilled vibe; we were able to talk and still had a hilarious night nonetheless.

Hilarious because Kurt would not shut up about my apparent awful taste in men. I spent the whole evening laughing (at him, not with :)). It was sweet, but you can’t really trust the words of a drunk man. Apparently I am the whole package, well we can’t really argue with him on that 😉

Also hilarious, was when I was having to hold a door open while I was queuing for the toilets. Kurt rocked up and I said, hold the door. Then it twigged to me, “Hodor,” I shouted. What did I start?! And then Kurt was shouting Hodor while I was having a wee, some 5 cubicles along. Borderline crying with laughter. It made every other Game of Thrones fan nearby laugh too.

Around 2ish we headed back to the apartment and ate biscuits and pot noodles. Another memorable moment followed after I put the kettle on…

So us Europeans use a kettle to heat up water, right? I filled it up, put the kettle on and then went off to take my makeup off. I come back to find Jason putting a pan of water on to the hob to boil, for a pot noodle. They had never seen a kettle before, well they didn’t know a kettle boils water. Minds were blown, I am telling you. I still can’t believe it.

Day Two

Sunday was insane.

Budapest is really pretty for one thing!

After breakfast, Kurt and I hiked up Gellert Hill, which is pictured in the photo above.

The views of the city were incredible.

And whilst we were up there, we wandered around the outskirts of the citadel.

Then it was time to get ourselves ready for Sziget Festival, and Sum 41 kicking off the show.

We had some shots and biscuits beforehand.

And then buckets of mojitos once we got there…

And Sum 41 were awesome.

So much so, I got a little sweaty during the last two tracks.

The next act to perform was Tinie Tempah, but we only managed to see the last track of his show.

After him followed David Guetta, whose set was no way near as good as it was when I saw him in Ibiza a few years ago, but the stage lights were totally on point. The vibe just wasn’t there. Too many kids with backpacks on. Put me in a bikini under the Balearic sunshine any day!

I missed out on seeing Bloc Party, which I am a little bit devastated over. But I did get to a good spot in the Zedd tent, which for me was the best show of the night. Loved him!

Jason and I kept on losing Kurt, so we didn’t get back to the Air B&B until 4am.

Day Three

Well it took the guys a lifetime to man up and get out of bed. By lifetime, around 3pm. We walked across the bridge to the Gellert Baths and quite honestly, what a let down.

We had to queue for ages to buy a ticket as it was absolutely packed; it was really loud and noisy too. Overpriced entry for use of a public pool. Been in better spas for the same price, and had better service.

I did get a really pretty photo of the ceiling though.

After the bath-house, we went out for dinner, which led us past St. Stephen’s Basilica at sunset.

And finally, for dinner I had goulash for starters, and a chicken dish for main.


Day Four

Today I was supposed to be getting the train from Budapest to Bratislava, but I really felt like I haven’t seen enough of the city to leave just yet.

Kurt and Jason left this morning, so I booked myself in to a hostel as a base so I can do some more walking around.

And that’s exactly what I did. My ankles are so swollen from my 6 mile trek around the city.

I walked all the way to the Parliament building, but before I got there I saw the Jewish Memorial along the Danube riverbank.

Such a sad story, like everything that happened during WW2, the Jews were ordered to take off their shoes and stand along the bank, before they were shot and killed, with their bodies carried downstream.

Parliament is just around the corner from here, and didn’t fail to impress.

And then across the river to Budapest Castle, where I walked up a big ass hill, and took some rather attractive photos from the top. This is my fav:

After chilling in my hostel for a few hours, and befriending a few people, I set out again. This time to the Heroes Square and City Park.

Tomorrow I will be up bright and early to get the train to Bratislava, Slovakia, where I will be for two nights.


One thought on “Budapest you beauty!

  1. Hey Ayla….. what an amazing chapter I just read…A visit to Budapest ~ from jam sessions to WW2… picturesque views to delicious food & drinks (making me thirsty).. loved it all..

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