Budapest Calling!

I am currently sat on a plane at Heathrow airport waiting for my flight to finish boarding, to start my mini European adventure. I say mini, but in fact I am visiting six countries!

And the first stop is Budapest, Hungary.

I haven’t been to eastern Europe before, and I am excited for the food and architecture. What’s more, I’m meeting up with a friend I made in Australia and basically gatecrashing his lads holiday. Tomorrow we will be going to a festival, singing along to Sum 41 as the sun sets, then raving to the early hours with Zedd. And that’s basically Day One!

Here is my planned route:


  • I left Southampton this morning and got a coach up to London Heathrow, flying to Budapest.
  • From Budapest I go to Bratislava in Slovakia.
  • Then Vienna in Austria, where a friend is flying out to meet me for a girls backpacking holiday.
  • We go to Prague together, then she’ll fly back home.
  • I go to Munich.
  • And finish my trip in Paris, before flying back to Southampton.

It’ll be great! And I can’t wait to make some new friends along the way.

In the mean time, cheers!


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