Sydney Love Part Two

Day One of the Contiki tour started bright and early, with a road trip to the Blue Mountains. A group of 50, we drove out of the city for an hour or so, taking a really casual hike (if it can be called that!) along the Jamison Ridge to the top of Wentworth Falls. It’s nice and very pretty, but I couldn’t help but feel a tad underwhelmed by the waterfall, compared to the ones in Asia anyway.

The next stop was an iconic rock formation called the ‘Three Sisters’, which were undoubtedly a stunning sight to look at.

Dinner was cook your own steak night, disaster alert! Not being a massive fan of steak, or even knowing how to cook it, I wasn’t hopeful. I managed to cook a decent medium rare, which I surprisingly liked! Wish I took a photo to show off my proud achievement, but I just have one of our dinner table instead.

Roll on Day Two.

Here is the group at the beginning stage of the trip, taken at the viewing point, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. The views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the background makes it!

Our next stop was a beach district in northern Sydney, called Manly.

It was an overcast day, but I still got the bikini out. It’s quite surreal when it is cloudy over here because it’s also so warm. The sun is still beaming through the clouds, maintaining a cooler temperature.

For fun we ran into the waves, or let them crash into us. It’s hard to swim in those conditions, so I embraced what I could do 🙂

The quickest way to get back to Sydney central from Manly is by ferry, so that’s what I did. A similar view to the ferry journey I took with Floyd, one can’t get bored looking at this bridge! Apparently this ferry journey is quite iconic, dating back to the 1850s when Australia was still finding its feet.

Once I got to the mainland, I headed over to the Sydney Opera House for a guided tour. The building is beautiful, inside and out. I learnt a lot about the building, including the dramas with the government and architect. Did you know it’s actually two separate buildings? The outside is one building, made from concrete. The internal structure is completely separate, made from wood. The roof is made up of small hand made tiles, and they are different colours too! Only seven tiles have been replaced since the structure was built. Well worth a visit for anyone remotely interested in architecture and art and culture.

At this point, I didn’t think I had experienced enough Aussie culture, so I ate a kangaroo and emu pizza! Tasted of nothing, which was disappointing. At least I tried.

Then to do some exercise to burn off that pizza, by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. No biggie. A few of us got together for a group photo in our sexy jumpsuits.

And made our way up the bridge, posing for photos along the way. Seeing the city lit up at night made me feel even more in love with this city.


No make up, windswept and matted hair, I headed out with some of my new friends to a fun bar called Scubar. I would’ve loved to have stayed out longer, but I had packing to do – the life of a backpacker!



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