Sydney Love Part One

I loved Sydney! Such a multicultural city, I really could imagine myself living there. With the high rise offices, pretty bridges and golden beaches, it has something for everyone.

I’ve separated my time in Sydney into two blogs, one with my friends and the other starting on Contiki. Both two very different experiences, so I had better get cracking (especially as I am so behind with my blogging – wifi and sprained wrist issues).

My first port of call in Sydney was Coogee, where Brooke lives (near-ish anyway). Seeing as I’m visiting so many parts of Australia, including maps in these blogs may be useful. So here is where Coogee is:

I haven’t seen Brooke for about 18 months, and it was great to catch up. We had a Mexican dinner near the seafront, followed by drinks on the promenade.

The following evening was the big group catch up, with my beloved Floyd! My mischievous brother from another mother, I couldn’t wait for us to be reunited.

But it was also fab to meet up with Tasha too, who I last saw in Ibiza. All four of us met on a Contiki, and I utterly adored the fact that we were reunited in Australia. Without sounding too cheesy, I felt very appreciative that they came out to see me anyway; especially with Brooke giving up her bed for me, and also Floyd driving four hours!

Upon arriving at the Harbour and seeing two of the iconic sights, I think Tash and Brooke were more psyched and excited for me than I was; everything was very overwhelming – in a good way!

And we couldn’t do our drunken walk back to the hotel without getting a selfie with the Opera House in the background. Standard night out in Sydney, what can I say?

After a lazy Saturday morning in our hotel room, Floyd and I hit up Bondi Beach with George (you may remember him from my few days in Bangkok). A famous spot in Sydney, the beach was packed! Bondi is also on the little map above.

Walking into the water, I was surprised at how cold the water was despite the sun beaming down on us. I got a bit wet from the waves too!

After chilling at Bondi Beach, Floyd and I went for a lovely stroll across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, stopping to pose for photos.

The views were so fantastic; the sorts of views one can never get bored with. I love the diversity of the architecture in Sydney too. You have Lunar Park (pictured below), then the Harbour Bridge, then the Opera House next to the city’s sky scrapers. Just makes me go “awww” inside.

After leaving Lunar Park, we got the ferry back to the city, where I saw a pretty fantastic sunset.

Sunday morning, Floyd and I said our goodbyes. It’ll be a few years until we see each other again, but we had a blast with our two days together. Love that guy to bits.

Then it was time to meet my fellow Contiki travellers 🙂


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