Melbourne Australia

Australia let me in! Woo!

After the mini drama a few days before, I was very relieved once I got my visa and that I was able to check into my flight to Melbourne without any hassle. Where Claire was waiting for me – kinda. She was still at work, and came back home a few hours later to a sleepy Ayla.

Upon arriving, I made sure I had my fair share of Aussie snacks. Including a bread roll with a creamy mousse as well as 100s and 1000s topping, plus a bag of my favourite sweets/lollies, Allen’s Snakes!

Then we were reunited!

We went out for a tasty dinner, had yummy cocktails on a rooftop and then wandered around the city to see some street art.

Next day, road trip!

We stopped off at Ocean Grove to see my old work buddy, Brent.

Ocean Grove is really pretty and it was my first taste of what I would consider the real, stereotypical view of Australia. Sand, sea and surfers!

I had a cheesy-mite scroll for the first time, and I really liked it. It’s basically a cheese and vegemite bread/pastry twist. Nom.

We then hit the Great Ocean Road. How beautiful.

I made a little video using snapchats from the day. No volume necessary.

A very busy first day and a half in Melbourne! The following day, I met up with fellow Contiki traveller, Kelly. We met on the Turkish sailing trip last summer 🙂 she picked me up, and took me to… Ramsay Street!

After the photoshoot, we went to a lovely place called Yarra Valley. Famous for its wineries, it also has a chocolate factory where you can help yourself to lots and lots of chocolate buttons!

Kelly and I met up with Claire later in the evening, and enjoyed some tasty burgers in a restaurant that was essentially train carriages on top of a high rise building.

I ended my time in Melbourne by having pizza and limoncello with Brent. Apparently the pizza place we went to was voted having the best margarita pizzas in the world. So I had to try one.

Next stop, Sydney!


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