The temples of Vientiane, Laos

This morning I left my comfy dorm bed in Hanoi to arrive in Vientiane, Laos! The capital city, it has a certain undisturbed charm that Hanoi and Phnom Penh clearly have lost over the years. No moped horns beeping, your life isn’t at risk walking across the road, and the air smells so much nicer. All in all, it’s cute.

I’m only booked in this hostel for one night, and I’m immensely pleased it is just for one night. From the reviews, it seems most of the hostels around here are the same. Basic. But this takes the biscuit. My dorm has eight beds, but there’s barely any floor space – a door’s width x 2 bunk beds in length. Earlier on I opened the door to hit one of my roomies (oops), but he was nice enough about it. The window doesn’t open, but at least it’ll be dark enough to sleep, and the communal bathrooms are falling apart ever so slightly.

So after arriving and seeing how tiny the room was, I ventured out to have some local cuisine and wander around the temples. I discovered the below building just by wandering around and peering through a gate.

I found one eatery and ordered a spicy papaya salad. It blew my head off! Really tasty but my nose wasn’t having any of it. The meal was served with cabbage perhaps, and some other treat, which needed to be peeled to eat. It was nice and cooling on my tongue.

Afterwards I checked out a few more temples…

The following temple I thought was really special. I looked a little closer and found…

… that the ceiling is just WOW!

To be honest, although these buildings are utterly beautiful, I am so templed out! I feel like I need more balance on the sight seeing front, but in a lot of places, all there is to see are temples. That’s definitely the case in Vientiane. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the photos I post 🙂

A roundabout..! I sense the roundabout was made after the installation of whatever this may be.

There was one more temple on my bucket list, about an hour’s walk from my hostel. Easily accessible, I started to make the trek and just felt like my legs couldn’t cope with it. Sore and achey, I thought of my wise words in the previous post about taking time out to chill a little. And that’s what I did; an hour long foot and leg massage. It was lovely, and a bargain at around £5.

Tomorrow Vang Vieng!


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