Farewell Cambodia

I’m currently writing this on a bus to HCMC. It’s a seven hour journey and I’m sat near a British ex-military who despite loves living in Cambodia, is finding fault in everything today! I managed to have a snooze at least. Just under four hours in though, and I find the times goes fairly quickly on these journeys.

I enjoy being able to see different parts of Cambodia, so for a mere $14, the ticket is worth it.

I spent my final whole day in Cambodia sleeping, writing my previously blog post and wandering around Phnom Penh with Corinne. We didn’t really have a plan for today but I didn’t want to spend it in bed! We aimed to walk to the Grand Palace, and along the way we saw some really random architecture. One apartment block looked like it had split in half! And all the electricity cables running everywhere were just crazy!

Two minutes walk later, we saw this building. Such a contrast!!

We walked a bit further, and I found a bubble tea shop. I haven’t had bubble tea before – it was nice at first (chose peach milk flavour), but then it got quite sickly!! The portion was huge too!

Peach Milk Bubble Tea
Me chatting to a random bear on a bench
We sat along the river front, and watched the locals fish for treasures, chatting and watching the world go by. When we walked along the river a bit more, Corinne bumped into two Australians she met at the hostel she stayed in last week in Siem Reap. In such a big city, it’s so random! We joined them for lunch, and it turns out the Aussies are also travelling to Ho Chi Minh City at the same time as me, and also on a bus. Not the same bus, but we’re going to meet up on the other side. I also sent them the link to the hostel I’m staying in, which they may book too. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and this encounter is just one of them!

We got our nails done (not that glamorous), had some happy hour cocktails and watched the sunset.


Then we wandered back over to the Royal Palace area. And wow! We’ve walked past it a few times, and although it was pretty, it wasn’t anything special. This evening though, the past was full of street food sellers cooking fermented eggs, families all sat around feasting together, and monks chatting with their friends. It must be a specific cultural event, that everyone congregated like this.

Then to end my evening, I bought some noodles street food, again for $1. Such a bargain. I may have laced it with a bit too much chilli though… oops!

To finish up my Cambodia diary, I wanted to show you the below statue. It’s a garden/front of house ornament, which you use to light candles and incense. It has a spiritual meaning; it’s a house to provide shelter for spirits. They are so beautiful, I would love to have one in my garden once I have one!

I would love to come back to Cambodia, to visit Siem Reap again, but also the coastal towns too.


One thought on “Farewell Cambodia

  1. Again Ayla great pictures and reading your blog is as always so very interesting ,.i look forward to receiving them ,you are curtanly having a wonderland trip ,xx nan


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