The Temples of Siem Reap

What a day. It was epic and disastrous at the same time!

I’m currently experiencing my first hostel stay, and I have to say I’m pretty shocked at how anti-social and moody most of the people are. “Hi” is a universal word, no matter the language barrier. So I don’t believe there is any excuse not to use it.

But luckily I befriended the girl bunking below me, Corinne from the sunny south of the U.K., of course. And thank goodness we met each other as these few days would’ve been a pretty lonely time.

Yesterday we wandered around Pub Street in Siem Reap, where the backpackers come out in force! I had some noodles street food again, costing me $1.25.

The pair of us also got up super early, 4:20 in fact, to get a tuk tuk ride to see the local temples. Angkor Wat was stunning, as pictured below:

As pretty as it was, especially at sunrise, the next temple we visited was my fav, The Bayon. Much smaller, but still didn’t lose out on its majestic aurora.

We also visited Ta Phohm, where Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom and one of the Tomb Raider movies were filmed. It was so busy and hectic by the time we got there. The trees winding themselves around the brick and stone work was a highlight.

Corinne and I were blessed by a toothless old woman within the temple too. She said a prayer while she tied the yellow band around my wrist. This is Corinne getting hers:

Why was my day disastrous I hear you ask after seeing so much amazing stuff? Well having breakfast at Angkor Wat, I spilt boiling hot tea over the table. It ran down and burnt my wrist and left knee. It was a bit sore, but one of the restaurant workers brought out this special medicinal mud-like paste that cooled my skin and healed me instantly!

The second failure of the day, a bit more serious and a tad scary, was that a scooter drove into our tuk tuk, by a woman holding a baby. I’ve found the roads to be really safe so I was quite surprised to be involved in a collision here rather than say Bangkok, where that journey definitely left me questioning my life choices.

She hit the right wheel of the tuk tuk on the side I was sat, so I got a bit of the brunt of the impact. As soon as it happened I jumped off to see if the baby was okay. The baby and mother were lying on the floor – the baby screaming, thank goodness. My first thought hearing the tears that it wasn’t dead or knocked unconscious! But then the mother picked up the baby and they both seemed fine. Baby certainly didn’t have any scratches or any broken bones. I, however, have a few grazes and may have a bruise on my hip, but certainly nothing to worry about. It was on our way back to the hostel too, which was a bit of a shame. Lyly our driver was really shaken up.

I’ve lost count how many families I’ve seen in Bangkok and Siem Reap who transport their kids on their scooters, but it tends to be the dad driving it, with the mother as a passenger holding the child. How can anyone drive a scooter, hold a baby and pay attention at the same time?!

All this by 12:30pm! We came back to the hostel and I definitely needed some down time. Chilled by the pool, swam some lengths and read my book in the sun.

Don’t hate the players ♚

Because chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool wasn’t enough, I went out for dinner with Corinne and a new girl in our dorm, Johanna from Denver, and we went to get proper Cambodian food. Nom. Pictured below is ‘fresh spring rolls’, they are served cold and remind me of a salad rather than a hot dish. Very scrummy and cheap at $1.50.

To end the night we wanted to get a massage, we opted for a Banyon one. Never again. It was so funny! The three of us were lined up, each getting some random thing done to us; the techniques seemed to be a mixture of chiropractic treatments with a foot massage. At one point the woman massaging me straddled me around the thighs, and smacked my arse! I know I have a big bum, but seriously?! No word of a lie. Such a laugh out loud moment.

It has been a long day, but an adventurous one! Tomorrow will be very chilled, trying to tone up my abs and traps in the pool, and I need to buy my bus ticket to Phnom Penh for Saturday. Next step of the journey awaits.


3 thoughts on “The Temples of Siem Reap

  1. Sounds like your having a really good time ayla apart from the tuk tuk incident glad you found a companion to go round with your meal sounds lovely how I would enjoy it mmmm the pictures your sending look wonderful I’m really enjoying them. Will look forward to the nxt part of your adventure pictures ,, take care love you hugs nan xxx 😘


  2. You seem to be getting a lot in and not even a week yet!! Well done!! Sorry to hear about the tuk tuk incident and hope that and the tea burn is the last of the disasters!! Photos look amazing!! All ok here in Istanbul – put Vicks on Dede’s feet to help hims stop coughing – let’s hope it works!! Lots of love Mumxx Sent from my iPad


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