Farewell Bangkok

Morning all you early risers! It’s around 1:30pm in Bangkok and I’m currently sat in Don Muang Airport waiting for my flight to Siem Reap Cambodia. Blogging in an airport makes this all very real!

I definitely didn’t see enough of Bangkok, mainly because of my jet lag, but I saw enough for a taster visit. I would love to come back again, but maybe in a few years time when I have enough dosh to stay in a luxury hotel and visit all the plush bars.

So what have I been up to these past few days? Monday was an absolute write-off when I woke up at 2pm! I could’ve seen so much more of the city, but sleep was more important. I ventured to China Town and saw a beautiful temple where a prayer service was going on.

Following that, I walked into the centre of China Town. It was 6pm, so a weird time for the locals to eat, but I was hungry after not having any breakfast or lunch! I walked into a Chinese restaurant and everyone stopped to look at me! Rather amusing, these old Chinese men sat down to have their supper and a foreign looking girl – all by herself too – walks in. I ordered Dim Sum which was delicious and filling. Four dishes along with a drink came to 125 baht.

After wandering around China Town, which may I add I got to using the train service and Google Maps, I freshened up at the hotel and headed out to Khao San Road. A bit of an anticlimax and a disappointment. I had heard about how buzzing this place was, but I just found it very tacky and uninviting. It didn’t have the sort of bars where one could just chat to people and make new friends. I did have a lovely 30 minute foot massage though, for 150 baht. I had walked about 6 miles on Monday so my feet needed a bit of relaxation!

I had my first taste of street food; there are stalls everywhere and so many people seem to eat at them. I am weary of them, and definitely don’t want to risk eating meat cooked at the stall. So I opted for pad thai with egg and tofu. Simples, tasty and only cost 40 baht (about 80p)!

Monday night I slept so badly, only getting two hours of the precious. I desperately needed more. Nevertheless, I forced myself out of bed and got the bus to near the Grand Palace. I wandered around the complex, which was no doubt beautiful, but I found all the tour groups incredibly frustrating. Dealing with the heat and humidity was hard enough without the groups shoving left right and centre. I saw the Emerald Buddha too, which you couldn’t take photos of. Lots of people were praying in front of it, so I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with invading their space whilst they were doing so.

Afterwards, I walked back to Khao San Road to meet George, a dude who is also travelling solo and will be on my Australian Contiki in March. It was so nice to spend the day with someone after being alone since Saturday night. We had a Thai lunch, drank cocktails, got a Tuk Tuk (oh my days, seriously! Talk about YOLO.), had dinner and drank more cocktails. We didn’t die so perfect day all round! 

We also checked out Soi Cowboys. A street where neon lights and lady boys are plentiful.


4 thoughts on “Farewell Bangkok

  1. Pictures again Ayla are most enjoyable and reading your adventures for the day ,mmm that foot treatment looked so good I could do with that ,sound that your having a lovely time ,so your off again today to CAMBODIA ,,don’t forget to take a picture of the temples (as if you would) ,look forward to more news and pictures ,,,hugs nan

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  2. Every time I read your blogs, I don’t want to stop reading! I just want know more and more of what you are getting up to. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Look after yourself xxx

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