Greetings from a very sleepy Ayla in Bangkok

Hi everyone!

I’ve received lots of messages asking if I got here okay, and I did. I’ve been suffering with jet lag pretty horrendously but I suppose that should’ve been expected; I tried to get myself in a sleep pattern on the two plane journeys and then go to bed normal evening time here, but instead I just slept and slept and slept. And now it’s 3pm! Fail. Just can’t plan these things!

So the plane journeys were comfortable. London to Dubai I befriended the chap sitting at the far end of our row, we had two seats in between us which was nice to stretch out. Neil, was travelling to Christchurch and he had four flights in total! He was very lovely, and we talked a bit about work; he’s been in sales since he was a teen and said that I would be fantastic in sales or a marketing role, that I am a bright ambitious young lady who would do very well. Very surprising and sweet to hear that from a total stranger, I guess I made a good first impression. It’s really stuck with me too.

Landing in Bangkok, the first thing I notice about the airport is all the beautiful flowers! They have displays everywhere:

Being a British citizen, I don’t need a visa to enter Thailand if the trip is less than 30 days; so straight to immigration I go. The queue for foreign nationals was huge! But there was no need for the rush anyway, once I had got through I was waiting 5 minutes for my luggage to appear.

Next step was getting myself a Thai SIM card, easy to spot in the Arrivals Hall; 299 Baht for internet and to make calls. Just what I need. Then I headed right down in to the airpot basement to get the train to the city. I think the fare cost me 55 Baht to the end of the line, where I had to walk a few minutes to get the Sky Train to where my hotel is, another 31 Baht. We’re talking £2 to get public transport, bargain. I could’ve got a taxi for around 1000 Baht, but no doubt I’ll be getting loads of them over the net few days.

The streets surrounding my hotel were busy and buzzing at night, lots of street food stalls and market goods selling really dodgy looking items – not dodgy as inappropriate, but dodgy as who wants a giant cat purse? I had planned to go back to one of the restaurants I walked past for dinner, but when I went back out I started having really bad vertigo. I couldn’t balance and standing up felt challenging! So I bought some snacks from a nearby 7 Eleven, had a little munch and then had a Thai massage in my room. Very relaxing, then off to sleep I go!

Turns out I’m not a fan of pickled mango.

Less than 6 hours later, I wake up around 5am feeling so sick. Not from eating anything or being hungry, just my body reacting to the jet lag. I tried so hard to go back to sleep; chatted to a few people on whatsapp and then low and behold I wake up at 2pm. I’ve missed out on about 5 hours of sight seeing, but at least I am reasonably well rested now. Still feel tired, but nothing some fresh air can’t remedy,


2 thoughts on “Greetings from a very sleepy Ayla in Bangkok

  1. Sorry about the jet lag but soon pass I hope ,,,it was lovely reading your report this morning ,will look forward to some selfie pictures ,did you buy that hat lol 🙆☀️ Hope so ?,,,hugs nan xx


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