Less than a week to go

I cannot believe my trip is almost here.

It seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this week, yet January has absolutely flown by. I’ve said my goodbyes to most of my friends, my bag is packed and just have three days left at work. This time next week, I would’ve taken two flights already, figured out Bangkok’s public transport system and hopefully be cuddling down to get my first night’s sleep out there.

The final stage of preparation is me cleaning my flat like mad! The windows are getting a good scrub down, I’m dusting (although not much point in this, just makes me feel a bit satisfied) and cleaning the inside of my cupboards. I’m going to scatter dehumidifier pots everywhere too to help with the condensation problem in my flat.

I’m eating all the random food left in my fridge freezer, although today my diet has pretty much considered of homemade rice crispy cakes – I had chocolate and rice crispies left to use, what else is a girl supposed to do?!

Thanks to all my friends for my leaving gifts, words of support and love. It’s going to be such an exciting time. I’m a bit nervous, and have definitely been feeling more nervous the more I hear, “you’re so brave!”, but the excitement is absolutely counteracting any nerves I feel. I haven’t ever had the opportunity to do my own thing, to be confident enough to swan off to the other side of the world on my lonesome. Everything happens for a reason, so here I am!

See you on the other side, or on the plane if I’m a bit bored 🙂


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